“Old School doesn’t work: it’s not about calories” – Jessie Pavelka says Britain needs better


31 Jul 2020

Jessie Pavelka has been working with people across the UK for nearly a decade, through his TV shows on Sky Living such as ‘A Year to Save my Life‘ and ‘Fat, the Fight of My Life‘, as well as through features with British media from GQ to Raconteur to Balance to The Telegraph and more.

In the video, Jessie shares thoughts on how while it’s encouraging that the UK government has a plan that focuses on obesity and its effects, it still feels like more of the same. A drastic change is needed in the government’s approach – watch the video for Jessie’s ideas around the topic:

“There is a plan that has been shared, and there are some great elements to it – but there’s more that can be added. Diets have been around a long time – we can’t do the same thing again and expect different results. ‘What are we doing different?’ is what we need to ask ourselves.

The old school way is ‘move more, eat less, it works’. But does it? Influence, and accessibility to the wrong things are still all there. The information we need to provide isn’t about calories but about the human brain. Why are people the way they are and why are these decisions being made? Do they have access to the right kind of community?

When you look at addiction, there is a strong powerlessness to food. Community is so important to people with addictions – they work because you have steps, support, a constant conversation and understanding. People feel part of something.

I love that Boris Johnson is going on this journey with people. Well done Mr. Johnson – we need to capture and share stories and make things visible. Provide solution and it inspires.

But people need to understand the mind too. The reason they’re doing the things they do isn’t their fault – they can’t just stop it because they need to!

Getting to the point of ‘knowing thyself’ is important for every individual to create lasting change. We need to give people resources that give them a window into their own mind, around neuroscience and why the brain does what it does. The struggle isn’t on the plate, it’s on the brain, it’s about emotional eating.

We need to create community, demonstrate and inspire, and give resources. Let’s go beyond diet and calories and do it differently!”

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