Change beliefs, behaviours and realities

Pavelka provides organisations with a wellness platform that changes beliefs, behaviours and reality - and creates personal accountability.

The Pavelka wellness programme is best framed with a ‘one size fits one’ approach: personal, not prescriptive. Holistic and inclusive, the programme’s aim is to impact both the individual’s reality and the workplace culture by transforming beliefs and behaviours.

Pavelka’s Four Elements - Eat, Sweat, Think and Connect - provide an understandable framework of how wellness can be approached, maintained and plugged-in to daily life.

Involve all teams, all levels, all regions

Pavelka health & wellness programmes welcome both participation and leadership from all levels. Leaders endorse and create inspiration, pulling in interested people and encouraging them to harness their potential. Pioneers – known as the beating heart of the Pavelka programme – are your people that take ownership of the programme. They are the push force that get involved, communicating the programme’s ethos and benefits for all to see.

The ethos is built on a foundation of transcending differences and identifying human needs – yet the delivery of the programme globally embraces culturally relevant, localised and regionally-specific aspects. We collaborate with recognised experts in regions, countries and across The Four Elements.

"Working with Pavelka is not about diet and exercise; it's about getting teams to engage, be involved, and it brings morale up in the workplace. Our people are massively important to me and the business; Pavelka tailor-made an approach to suit all of our needs."

Amanda Barnett
Managing Director, New Appointments Group

"There's been tremendous benefit to our organisation. We have seen great engagement and motivation, and a dramatic drop in staff turnover. People are now talking about wellness - they are questioning each other and discussing their well-being. There's a real buzz around it."

Andy Parr
Strategic Director, BDI

A diverse suite of health & wellness programmes

Partnering with Pavelka on your corporate wellness programme gives your people a wide selection of tools that can improve their working experience and their life.

A 360° Strategy of Wellbeing for your people

A 360° Strategy of Wellbeing for your people

An inclusive and universal ‘How To’ for health

An inclusive and universal ‘How To’ for health

How To
A comprehensive system of impact tracking

A comprehensive system of impact tracking


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